Where are our peonies grown?

All our peonies are grown right here in Timaru, New Zealand and are especially grown for both cut flowers & tuber production, to give you the strongest and best-growing plants possible.

What can peonies be used for

  • Your garden, they add amazing colour and cover.
  • Weddings
  • Events
  • Window dressing
  • Product launches
  • Corporate receptions
  • Sports Events
  • Music Festivals
  • Special Dinners
  • and much more….

Delivery & pricing

We offer free delivery within the Timaru area, please get in touch with us to discuss options.

For the domestic market we supply cut stems in bud, in bunches of 5. Orders are sent refrigerated or by overnight courier, to assure top quality upon arrival at your premises. We are happy to combine different varieties (colours) when available. The optimal order is one box (100 stems) as this reduces the freight cost, orders of 100 stems will be supplied freight free, smaller orders will incur a freight surcharge.

Alongside the cut flowers we also market tubers between April and August. These are 3 to 5 eye tubers supplied dipped in fungicide to reduce disease issues, and supplied either in bulk in damp sawdust (different varieties will be individually identified) or individually bagged with a photo and description of the peony and care instructions. Purchases of 30 tubers or more will be supplied freight free, smaller orders will incur a freight surcharge.

Why Peonies?

Peonies are perennial garden classics, loved throughout the world for their extravagant, early summer blossoms. They are dependable, incredibly long-lived plants and will bloom for a generation or more with little or no attention. As cut flowers peonies have no rivals. Alone or in mixed bouquets, they have an elegant beauty.

Where is the best place to plant peonies?

Peonies are a cold weather plant, requiring Winter chilling to flower.

Peonies do not like being fully shaded, prefer full sun but grow fine with partial shading. Plant your tuber Autumn through late Winter. Plant in a well composted hole with the eyes (buds) no deeper than 5cm for best results. Do not mulch your peony plants as this encourages disease. In Autumn cut your peonies stems to just above ground level and remove debris. A small handful of general plant fertiliser spread around the plant in Spring is all they require.

Following these easy steps your peonies should give you joy and happiness for many years.

When do peonies bloom?

Peonies bloom from late spring through early summer, depending on your location and the variety of peony you’re growing.

Caring for your peonies

From bud to bloom, cut peonies usually last five to six days. To extend their lifespan, keep away from direct sunlight, change water daily and cut stems on an angle.

When arranging, remove most of the excess foliage, and stagger stems to create height and voids.

Peonies change colour as they open and become quite full and dramatic. It is best to buy them in bud form.